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To design, conduct, and disseminate scientific and pragmatic evaluations that inform evidence-based decisions and equitable policy-oriented outcomes adaptable in addressing social problems and in the political and organizational context


Dr. Henderson has years of experience in developing and evaluating research methodologies and government and foundation funded programs.  He assist in the development of theoretical frameworks, research and evaluation designs help programs articulate their underlying theories; design evaluations that remain practically relevant yet methodologically robust; identify and develop research instruments; create and implement data management and collection systems that respect performance requirements; analyze data using rigorous and appropriate statistical techniques; and tailor results to clients understanding.




Dr. Henderson’s  research team are highly skilled researchers and program evaluators, but it’s our collaborative and very personal approach to research, combined with our practical experiences, that sets us apart. This approach demands that we invest time working alongside our clients in their work environments and school districts. Our team brings not only decades of experience to the equation, but also expertise in a wide range of specialized subject areas, including: youth development, family engagement, and public health (to name a few).





Howard has years of experience examining the behavioral sciences.  Dr. Howard Henderson has been studying and creating practically-relevant ways to understand the inner workings of those issues challenging our society.

For some time, decision makers have relied on unsubstantiated and emotional approaches to societal issues.  But contemporary technology allows us to  address these issues with 21st Century solutions and provide complex solutions in a manner that easily digestible in a myriad of outlets.

Henderson & Associates goal is to assist you with understanding the outcome of your research, policy and/our program outcome. In the end, H&A empowers you with a workable knowledge of the data you are concerned with so that policymakers, funding organizations, planners, program managers, taxpayers and program clientele are better able to decipher the warranted social programs from ineffective ones and push forward new or revised in order to achieve desirable outcomes.